Alternative Teacher Education Certifies Qualified Teachers

In Greenville South Carolina, a potential teacher shortage is being alleviated because alternative teacher education certifies qualified teachers who have degrees but not state certification. […]

Kids are Owning Their Education with Personalized Learning

Students at Mr. Zion Elementary School are always motivated to be creative thinkers, and now kids are owning their education with personalized learning. In Johns […]

Robot Teaches Social Skills to Autistic Students

A new robot teaches social skills to autistic students, and it is capturing the attention of children who sometimes cannot give much attention to anyone. […]

Middle School Student Help Desk

A middle school student help desk is keeping school computers operating smoothly while giving practical experience in fixing Chromebooks. At Queensbury Middle School, students are […]

Students Leading Parent Meetings

Students leading parent meetings take responsibility for preparing notes, questions, and facilitating the discussion between parent and teacher. At Noel Elementary, there are three ways […]

Engineers Visit Classrooms and Work STEM Projects With Kids

Stimulating ingenuity and creativity is the purpose of having engineers visit classrooms and work STEM projects with kids. ┬áThird graders in 180 classrooms Wyoming were […]

Culinary Curriculum Is Interdisciplinary

A middle school culinary curriculum is interdisciplinary, as students are expected to "cook, learn, grow" while participating in special group projects taught by Chef Ameer […]

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