Teachers Leading Professional Development

Teachers leading professional developmentĀ are finding that they can affect the future of elevating teachers' voices and concerns. Hamilton County teachers are finding innovative ways to […]

TED Talk Style Presentations for Kids

Fifth graders are getting the opportunity to prepare Ted Talk style presentations for kids, doing research on topics, and learning how to present what they […]

Middle School African-American Girls Envision Their Futures

A conferenceĀ sponsored by professional women of color is helping middle school African-American girls envision their futures. The Madison Wisconsin chapter of The Links sponsored an […]

Intervention Centers Help Students with Emotional Problems

As social and emotional issues are growing among students, school based intervention centers help students with emotional problems. In Attleboro Massachusetts, school officials are setting […]

High School Students Teach French to Younger Students

Thanks to a collaboration between two schools, high school students teach French to younger students, and their basic vocabulary in another language is growing. Fourth […]

Pairing Up Bilingual Buddies

A unique community has formed through a dual language school, where pairing up bilingual buddies builds friendships and relationships. In Mount Vernon, the Hispanic population […]

Superintendent Says Schools Need to Promote Personalized Learning

A superintendent of public instruction says schools need to promote personalized learning. Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota superintendent of public instructions, says that she will do […]

Teaching Gifted Students with Personalized Learning

A teacher of the year finalist finds that teaching gifted students with personalized learning techniques is highly effective. Anthony Ritter teaches English language arts to […]

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