Building a Better Underwater Robot

In 66 minutes, fifth graders are building a better underwater robot.  At Columbia River Maritime Museum, 150 fifth graders from Lewis and Clark Elementary School […]

Kids Learn About Elections with Storybook Characters

Because the presidential elections this year are a bit intense, teachers of gifted young children opted to teach second graders about elections using storybook characters […]

Taking the Fear Out of Math

An award winning high school teacher is taking the fear out of math. At Hickman High School, math is a language that is to be […]

Global Study Finds That the US Ranks Low For Youth Fitness

A global study finds that the US ranks low for youth fitness, coming in at 47th out of 50 countries. According to researchers at Children's […]

Teens Feel Responsibility to Help Feed Their Families

A report published this week by the Urban Institute and Feeding America states that teens feel responsibility to help feed their families, sometimes taking jobs […]

Teacher’s Game of Explorers Works Like Pokémon Go

A teacher's game of explorers works like Pokémon Go, and students are enjoying the card game which teaches about various voyagers Explorer Go was invented by […]

Space Exploration in Middle School

After creating rockets and launching them in one class period, space exploration in middle school is off to a good start for the sixth graders in […]

Students Fighting Climate Change

This summer, students fighting climate change had the opportunity to learn what they can do about it at Climate Camp. 12 year old Natalie Workman […]

Hands on Experience With Building Robots Teaches STEM Skills

Students are discovering that hands on experience with building robots teaches STEM skills. At Springfield STEM Academy summer learning camps, students are using the robots […]

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