Encouraging Students to Do the Right Thing

Teachers are encouraging students to do the right thing by rewarding good behavior with coupons that are traded for special rewards. At Brennan Middle School […]

Bringing a New Level of Technology to Personalized Learning

Chase Middle School is bringing a new level of technology to personalized learning, by piloting a software program which allows students to learn based on […]

Students and Teachers are Building Tiny Houses for Veterans

At several high schools, students and teachers are building tiny houses for veterans. In Racine, Wisconsin, three high schools are each involved in a project […]

Learning About Diversity Within a School Community

At Detroit Country Day School, students are learning about diversity within a school community. Upper School history teacher Celeste Mahabir had the idea to showcase […]

Making Paper Planes is a Class Assignment

While many kids would like to make paper airplanes out of their homework, making paper planes is a class assignment that they can enjoy, especially […]

Hot Wheels Cars Spark Interest in Science and Math

Some innovative teachers are discovering that Hot Wheels cars spark interest in science and math classes. At Oran Roberts Elementary School in Dallas, students are […]

Students are Testing a Program Built By Facebook Engineers

Middle school students are testing a program built by Facebook engineers, tracking levels of work they have completed in core subjects and progress related to […]

Unified Sports is Uniting Students With and Without Disabilities

Unified Sports is uniting students with and without disabilities by combining team efforts and allowing them to compete together in some sports. There are many […]

Are Kindergartners Losing Time For Play to Academics?

Are kindergartners losing time for play to academics? ┬áMany educators are sharing the concern that kindergarten is becoming the new first grade, as they strive […]

Exploring Creeks and Trails at the Nature Center

Fifth graders are enjoying learning science by exploring creeks and trails at the nature center. At Muddy Creek, fifth graders from Stamm Elementary School carefully […]

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