Teachers are Finding Out How to Help Students Handle Stress

Teachers are finding out how to help students handle stress, and helping students achieve emotional and academic success. At Powel Elementary School in Philadelphia, fourth […]

Language and Cultures Day

Students had a chance to share their traditions and languages at their school's annual Language and Cultures Day, encouraging each other to understand the cultural […]

Raising Awareness of Dyslexia

Students are raising awareness of dyslexia by teaching parents and teachers what their experience is like during a dyslexia simulation. Two groups of students in […]

Students Learn the Science of Racing

Having students learn the science of racing has opened up some real world experiences and applications for students to use what they learn outside of […]

Students Built an Outdoor Classroom

Students built an outdoor classroom at Good Hope Middle School, with some help from their math lab teacher. "We didn't just build this for ourselves, we […]

African-American Read-In

High school students from East Tennessee Schools participated in the third African-American Read-In at the University of Tennessee. The event was one of many read-ins […]

School Dedicated to Personalized Learning

A school dedicated to personalized learning is pleased with student progress this year. Eagle Personalized Learning Academy operates for the first four periods of the […]

Fourth Graders are Raising Trout From Eggs

Fourth graders are raising trout from eggs, and hundreds of fish are flourishing. Students at Conway Elementary School in Escondido have chilled 50-gallon aquariums in […]

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