Students Build Confidence By Learning Coding and Robotics

In Holyoke Massachusetts public schools, students build confidence by learning coding and robotics, and they are engaged in learning more about these valuable technical skills. […]

Encouraging Movement Improves Learning

Teachers and students in Maine are finding that encouraging movement improves learning. Researchers are finding that the traditional assumption that students need to sit still […]

Innovative Schools Could Launch Personalized Learning

Innovative schools could launch personalized learning if a waiver to veer from some aspects of district curriculum is approved by the Colorado Department of Education. […]

The Long Term Effects of Mistrusting Teachers

A recent small study suggests that the long term effects of mistrusting teachers could impact preteens' ability to attend college. When students of color perceive […]

Career Experiences for Special Needs Students

Career experiences for special needs students are benefiting the people they work with as well as themselves. Over 100 special needs students in Collier County […]

Schools Helping Homeless Kids

Schools helping homeless kids are looking for more funding to boost the food pantries, clothing closets, and other supports that homeless schoolchildren need. In Boston, […]

Teaching Students How to Have a Civil Conversation

Teaching students how to have a civil conversation is a new focus for some teachers, who want students to have in depth classroom discussions and […]

Nurturing Potentially Gifted Students

While some students are easy to identify as academically gifted, others are not, so nurturing potentially gifted students has become a focus for one school […]

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