Girls are Growing More Interested in STEM Classes

Girls are growing more interested in STEM classes, and increases in female student enrollment has been seen over the past few years. At Rutherford High […]

Virtual Reality is Opening Classrooms to the World

Virtual reality is opening classrooms to the world, and teachers are becoming global guides as they teach children world geography. Recently, 24 social studies teachers […]

TeenTalk Supports Students with Emotional Needs

A school program called TeenTalk supports students with emotional needs, when they are going through trouble at home, depression, peer pressure, and anxiety and depression. […]

Traveling to Atlanta To Learn About Building a Model City

Students from Middle Ridge Elementary School are traveling to Atlanta to learn about building a model city and visit an architectural firm. The students in […]

Intervention Time Helps All Students Succeed

A regularly scheduled intervention time helps all students succeed at one Junior High School, by giving them extra time to seek help or participate in […]

Sports and Math All Add Up

Sports and math all add up when students see math in action during a basketball game. Students from North Elementary School had a great time […]

Student Power Helps Close the Achievement Gap

At times, fifth graders at Evansville Elementary run the show in math class, showing that student power helps close the achievement gap. Now it is […]

African-American History Curriculum

A new African-American History curriculum is underway in Buffalo schools, and the challenge is to present a more accurate and thorough picture of the history […]

Students Raise Money While Performing Community Service

Middle school fundraising underwent a change this year by having students raise money while performing community service. At Ontario Middle School in Oregon , the […]

Parents of Children in Dual Language Classes

Parents of children in dual language classes are feeling pressure adjusting to the fact that their kids may know more than they do about some […]

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