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The End Of Bullying Begins With Me

You’ve heard the horror stories of children being bullied in school, in cyberspace, on the playground. Sometimes bullying can even lead to suicide as shown in the documentary film “Bully,” which was released earlier this year. The stats are alarming: nearly one-third...

20 Weight Loss Rules for Children to Live By

The facts are clear about weight loss! Over the past two decades the number of children classified as obese has doubled. Parents should consider the following 20 weight loss rules for children to live by: Consume an adequate amount of food to provide all the required...

Childhood Obesity: We Have the Power to Make a Change

We’re all pretty tired of hearing about childhood obesity. Recent news stories all echo the same sentiments: The number of children classified as obese has doubled over the past two decades One in five children will become obese The number of U.S. children having...

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