Short Films Being Written and Directed by Students

Short films being written and directed by students are livening up the library at their elementary school. At Oakland Elementary School, library media specialist Chris […]

Future Kindergartners Prepare with Storytimes and a Bus Ride

Local libraries are helping future kindergartners prepare with storytimes and a bus ride for the big day when they start school. For many children, entering […]

Fifth Graders Have Piano Lessons with Their New Arts Program

Fifth graders have piano lessons with their new arts program, which will allow them to prepare for advanced music instruction in middle school and learn […]

Hiring Teachers to Help Parents of Special Needs Students

A school district is hiring teachers to help parents of special needs students, building bridges to ease concerns, fill communication gaps, and build strong community. […]

Virtual Reality Field Trips Allow Students to Travel the World

Virtual reality field trips allow students to travel the world without leaving their classroom.  At High Plains Community Schools, they've virtually walked on the moon. […]

Viewing Real Brains at a Medical Library

Seventh grade students had an opportunity for viewing real brains at a medical library, which brought the study of brain science to life outside the […]

Lessons in Teamwork with the Imaginarium Flight Simulator

Fourth grade students are getting lessons in teamwork with the Imaginarium Flight Simulator.  They are simulating rather imaginative missions as if they were on an actual space […]

Bully Busters

Three sixth grade girls in Seattle are the new bully busters, and they want to teach adults how to handle bullies. “Being mad at people […]

Combining Subjects into One Curriculum

Combining subjects into one curriculum is working for fifth graders, who work on projects that bring together learning in reading, math, science, and writing. At Dubois […]

Kids Finding Out About Skilled Labor Jobs

A new program has kids finding out about skilled labor jobs in hands on sessions where they learn valuable skills. The program is called ET3, […]

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