A Field Trip to Cuba

Many language immersion schools work on the assumption that children can learn languages quicker than adults, but one school put the assumption into action with […]

Self Paced Personalized Learning For an Entire School District

Self paced personalized learning for an entire school district is becoming a reality classroom by classroom. Most of the classrooms in each of the three […]

Highly Effective Teens

As students teach their peers about leadership through “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” a new spirit of cooperation and confidence has taken hold, and […]

Extra Math Class is a Popular Elective

Elective courses are usually technology, art, music, or shop, but at one school an extra math class is a popular elective. At Rochelle Middle School, […]

A Comic Book Library at School

The doors to reading are open now that a comic book library at school is attracting students to read the stories of their favorite superheros. […]

Eighth Graders Create Historical iBooks

Having eighth graders create historical books is a unique project that was inspired by North Hills Middle School teacher Joe Welch's 95 year old grandmother. […]

Local Licensing Program Teaches the Teachers

In response to the need to recruit qualified teachers and help them know what they are doing, a local licensing program teaches the teachers who […]

Students Learning to Run a Restaurant

Students learning to run a restaurant are also learning job and life skills.  At Bellefonte Area High School, the Life Skills Cafe is held the […]

Digital Resources Expand Learning Beyond Textbooks

Teachers and students are discovering that digital resources expand learning beyond textbooks. When students research projects, they are likely to use websites, digital libraries, and […]

Taking a Walk with Stories

Along the perimeter of Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School's playground, students enjoy taking a walk with stories, as the Storywalk path displays aluminum signs with […]

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