When Parents Tell Kids to Stand Up To Bullies They Usually Do

A recent study suggests that when parents tell kids to stand up to bullies they usually do, getting involved rather than staying out of the […]

Creative Schools Initiative

The Vermont Creative Schools Initiative of the Community Engagement Lab has inspired high school students to produce record covers highlighting their personal 'A' and 'B' […]

A Field Trip to Cuba

Many language immersion schools work on the assumption that children can learn languages quicker than adults, but one school put the assumption into action with […]

Self Paced Personalized Learning For an Entire School District

Self paced personalized learning for an entire school district is becoming a reality classroom by classroom. Most of the classrooms in each of the three […]

Highly Effective Teens

As students teach their peers about leadership through “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” a new spirit of cooperation and confidence has taken hold, and […]

Extra Math Class is a Popular Elective

Elective courses are usually technology, art, music, or shop, but at one school an extra math class is a popular elective. At Rochelle Middle School, […]

A Comic Book Library at School

The doors to reading are open now that a comic book library at school is attracting students to read the stories of their favorite superheros. […]

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