Total Recall Learning™ for the Workplace

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total recall learning


Total Recall Speed Reading™

Total Recall Memory™

Online Courses.

Private, Personalized Coaching for People in the Workplace, Entrepreneurs and Organizations Who Want to Maximize Their Learning, Reading and Memory Potential

  • Discover how to stay on top of information overload and learn anything faster!
  • Learn how to leverage cross-modal learning to score higher on certification exams.
  • Master new information rapidly, double your reading speed using 2 methods that help your comprehension soar!
  • Make presentations without using notes. Learn new vocabulary in a flash as it relates to your work and keep the words in long-term memory.
  • Leverage learning modalities while mastering world champion memory methods and techniques and more…

Courses are taught by Pat Wyman, known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

pat wymanPat Wyman is the founder and CEO of She has taught over 500,000 people to learn, read and remember anything faster with extraordinary results. You may have seen her work in the Washington Post, on the cover of numerous magazines, or heard her interviewed on over 500 radio and t.v. programs. has been online since 1996 (two years even before Google).

As an adult in the workplace, or the CEO of a major company, you want to leverage Pat’s skill-set and background, which is unique among all trainers worldwide.

This skillset makes her both more effective as an instructor, and gives her the ability to quickly diagnose and personalize training for you and everyone in your company.

Pat not only has a background as an educator at every level, but has specialized skills and certificates that unleash every person’s potential in a way you won’t find elsewhere.

She’s a renowned learning expert for 35 years, university instructor with a neuroscience, psychology and optometric background, reading specialist, former school administrator, author of more than 15 books, presenter at corporations including Microsoft, as well as at universities such as Stanford, and medical schools. She is known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

Pat is also the certified advanced expert in the Career 2.0 Brain Advantage and Learning 2.0 Brain Advantage Assessments which reveal the most essential 27 skill areas that every person in the workplace needs to succeed and gain a master advantage in learning, reading and memory. Find out more about this during the initial call you set up.

Email her today to discuss customized private coaching, licenses to use her online trainings in your company and other ways to personalize the trainings you need.

Email: fasterlearning (at) to arrange a personal call to discuss all the ways to maximize your learning and trainings.

Our clients using our training and Corporate Learning Styles Inventory Site License include:

Total Recall Learning ™, Total Recall Memory ™, and Total Recall Reading ™  

To improve learning, memory, productivity and more in the workplace, please contact to schedule private coaching or group training Pat Wyman, M.A., CEO of, Best-Selling Author and know in the media as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

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Special message to Employers who Want the Children of Their Employees to Succeed in School

Our How to Learn Academy Experts have proven learning solutions for families who want their children to succeed in school. We conduct Personalized Learning Assessments and provide Learning Solution Blueprints to help all students customize their learning so they can raise their grades and test scores and be college and career ready.

Whether your employees have children who may be struggling in school or who simply want their kids to improve their grades, we have answers and specific systems in place to help them. Parent testimonials available upon request.

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