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Teens Find Creative Solutions To Stomp Out Bullying

 “When I bullied somebody, I didn’t really think about it at the time. A few years later, I realized there’s not much difference between us,” says Michael, 8th grader.  Profound statements like these are why Free2Luv, a global nonprofit joined forces with teen rock...

How to Handle Online Bullying

A recent study has found that social media site such as Facebook and Twitter may be useful in assisting students who struggle with how to handle online bullying. Cyber bully targets often face widespread putlic harassment and an invisible enemy.  This is carried on in...

Teens Launch Anti Bullying Video

In an effort to combat school violence, some teens are launching an anti bullying video.  The two minute public service announcement was premiered in front of an audience of friends, district officials, city leaders, and family. The message of the two minute spot is...

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