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Math Apps Improve Engagement and Learning

In an effort to engage students in STEM subjects, Tina Barseghian reviews 5 math apps for students. Meeting students on their level and interacting with them in ways they can relate to play a big role in the overall success students have learning a specific subject....

6 Great Educational Apps For College Students

It’s funny to think that even just 20 years ago, the only tools most college students had in class were their notebook and pen, while the more well-to-do students might have had a chunky typewriter to keep them company during a study session. These days, however,...

Using Instagram In A Classroom Enviroment

Smart phones have continued to gain popularity around the world, leading to development of numerous educational apps for all grade levels and subjects. However, apps with high scholastic value may not be of great interest to most students; necessitating the teachers...

Educational App Tracks Classroom And Home Libraries

St. Louis-based Classroom Library Co., a six-month old educational distributor and publisher for books for grades K-8, is already finding a niche through its Book Retriever educational app launched last month. The educational app, which hit #4 on the iTunes list of...

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