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Using Learning Styles to Reach Students

There are fewer things more frustrating than unsuccessfully trying to help a student understand something. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom or a parent at home, the struggle is real. Thankfully, there is a way to help improve your odds the next time you find...

Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites

If you’re looking to learn more about Earth Day (celebrate on April 22nd), want curriculum for your classroom or homeschool activites, our HowtoLearn.com staff sought out what we believe are the Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites. What does Earth Day mean to you?...

Every Kid Eats Healthy Week

This article comes to us from Action for Healthy Kids This week, more than 400 schools in 27 states across the country will celebrate Every Kid Healthy™ Week (April 21-25) with programs and events that demonstrate their commitment to students’ health, wellness and...

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory for Studying

Studying is something that each student needs to learn for themselves. Each individual learns differently. These study tips can help improve memory and retention; but they do not all work for everyone. Test these out and see which ones work best for you. Discover how...

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