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The Bee-Bots are Coming!

This year in the Pinellas County School District in Florida, the Bee-Bots are coming! The fundamentals of coding for computers will be introduced to the youngest students this year through small, friendly robots known as “Bee-Bots”. 100 of the robots have...

Thinking About Math in a Whole New Way

This summer, middle school students are thinking about math in a whole new way. Students are thinking “outside the box” as the Math Outside the Box program included strategy games, deductive reasoning, graph theory, combinations, permutations and...

Construction Technology Program in Middle School

A construction technology program in middle school is giving students a chance to discover skills that can be used in future careers. At Clarkston Junior High School, a construction technology pathway will be available to ninth and tenth graders, led by teachers Jeff...

Preparing For High School Algebra and Life on Campus

Students are preparing for high school algebra and life on campus through a Transition to Algebra class held during the summer at Nogales High School. 150 students are taking part in a course boosting their math skills prior to starting Algebra I in the fall,  The...

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