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Obese Children Don’t Have to Remain That Way

Obese children don’t have to remain that way if certain challenges are overcome by the time they are adolescents. Research recently found that obese children often do become obese adolescents, but they are less likely to do so if they do not have an obese parent...

Schools Measuring Students for Body Fat

 In a new effort to control childhood obesity and other health problems new concerns have arisen over schools measuring students for body fat. The Chula Vista school district not only measures the academic progress of Marina Beltran’s second-grader, it also...

Weigh to Go

Taking care of their own health is just one of the ways educators are trying to help their students and the Weigh to Go challenge is a big part of their effort. This year’s Be Healthy Delaware: Weigh to Go!challenge includes more than 60 teachers, school nurses...

How To Portion Size Me And Get Healthy

Project “Portion Size Me” was inspired by ten-year-old Marshall, who was tired of being picked on, unhappy with his appearance and feeling down on himself.  Weary of trying to follow strict diets,  Marshall, with the help of his mom Alexandra Reid, decided to pay...

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