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Baking Camp Brings Learning to the Kitchen

Summer camp usually involves cooking projects, but a group of students are finding that baking camp brings learning to the kitchen as they use math and science to create delicious treats. “Most baking projects have a little give,” said Dreama Foley, summer camp...

Follow Me Robot Summer Camp

On the first day of Follow Me Robot summer camp, students tested their engineering skills by assembling a sound-detecting robot and building models when were connected to remote control devices. The camp, hosted by Sciensational and New Mexico State University...

Girls Encountered Zombies at STEAM Summer Camp

Girls encountered zombies at STEAM summer camp at Minnesota State University, and they had to respond by helping their friends with prosthetic legs designed from scavenged materials. The staged apocalypse was part of the third annual Girls Explore STEAM Summer Camp....

Digging Up The Past to Find a Future Career

Kids are finding a passion for history at summer camp by digging up the past to find a future career. As part of the Futures in History Camp through the McLean County Museum of History, kids literally dug into the past with a mock archeology dig.  They explored...

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