Right about now, you’re probably getting a lot of back to school tips.

While I get these tips too, most of them, I have to say, are just plain fluff.  Yes, we all get our kids organized, have the right school supplies and set up a nice homework space. But these aren’t related to “how” of the learning process.

You need to know the specific strategies with the “how” to learn them in order to actually see your child raise grades and test scores in the next school year.

So, here are 3 must-have ‘how’ to learn strategies that will help when going back to School:


1. How To Boost Reading Abilities.


Reading is at the core of most learning in school and to see better grades you need to know “how” your child  sees the printed page, and whether it is the same way you do.

Have you ever thought about this?

Sometimes kids struggle to read and think they are not smart because other kids finish faster than they do or remember what they
read more easily. There are always reasons for this and you need to know what reading feels like for your child.

We’ve designed an inventory so you will know for sure “how” your child sees the printed page. Find out what to do if your child forgets what he read, skips lines, doesn’t see the punctuation or re-reads words.

Take the Eye-Q Reading Inventory at  https://www.howtolearn.com/products/i-read-i-succeed


2.  Add the visual learning style to others you might already have.


When your child thinks in pictures, their study and recall habits will amaze you. Watch their grades soar when they think in pictures
as they take written tests. This is what all “A” students do.

How? Find out how your child prefers to learn best and whether he or she needs to add the visual learning style. Take the Personal Learning Styles Inventory.

Find out if your child is a visual, picture learner, (hint – this is the one learning style most kids need to add to their  auditory learner, or kinesthetic, tactile learning styles.

The Personal Learning Styles Inventory is at the top of the page at  http://www.HowToLearn.com


3. Improve Memory at School with these High Performance Memory Tips.


If you want your child’s memory to improve, you’ll need some tips.  Read the “High Performance Memory” article at:



These tips will help you, or someone you know be successful back at school.


Posted by +Pat Wyman, author and founder of HowToLearn.com