The secret about learning success is that is has nothing to do with being smart.

Most people think that IQ scores = how smart you are.

Nothing could be futher from the truth.


Scientists Agree That You Can Train Your Brain

The new science of something called neuroplasticty (just a big word for brain flexibility) means that the old notion of a “fixed intelligence” is wrong.

Your brain can do the most amazing things for you – if you know just a few tips.


5 Simple Tips For Learning Success and A Smarter Brain


1.  Smarter foods = a smarter brain.

You’ve heard this before, and you might want to consider why it’s so important.

The American Medical Association tells us that food can either make or break us.

If you want to have a smarter brain; one less susceptible to memory loss, alzheimers, dementia, etc. then do 2 things: eat smarter foods and create what is known as the biology of success.  Here’s how:

Smarter Foods: (Come on – even you can eat a couple of these things or take the capsules at least)…

1.  Omega 3’s – foods or capsules high in essential fatty acids.

  • wild salmon only (farm raised fish is gray and has a disreputable, unsafe color added, plus the salmon are fed (actually, it’s so bad you’re better off not knowing, but it helps them grow faster in their overcrowded, no room to move environment – bottom line – eat wild salmon)
  • nuts
  • olive oil
  • organic tuna (albacore has a higher mercury content)

2. Become a fanatic about getting rid of hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated and trans fats. (Low fat or non fat is not your friend either – more about this later…)

Go the market.  Pull any snack item off the shelf.  Check the label.  Did you find hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fat or trans fat?

Scary how many items there are isn’t it?  Did you ever wonder why the food manufacturers put this stuff in your food, even though every study known says how dangerous it is for you?

It increases shelf life and that equals more money for the food folks.

Hydrogenated fat, partially hydrogenated fat or trans-fat is basically heated oil turned into a solid form.

If you’re goal is to speed your way to heart disease, increase your bad cholesterol, and even increase your odds of getting cancer, be sure and eat lots of these yummy fats.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study in 1990 showing conclusively that trans-fatty acids increase total cholesterol and LDL, despite food manufacturers’ claims that things like margarine is good for your heart.

Just do some simple checking yourself.  Look at omega 3’s and what the National Institute of Health says about their over 500 benefits – you just might rethink what you grab off the shelf.

Eat whole foods – with ingredients you can prounouce – like salads (with olive oil and balsamic), regular vegetables like broccoli, asparagus (great for making your body more alkaline (this is better than acidic), lean meats without the nitrates, organic wild fish, beans and the like.

Your brain and your body will thank you.

3. Music can make you smarter.

O.K., I know there is a lot of controvery over this so it’s just something you’ll have to try for yourself.

Check out what the Society For Neuroscience says about music.  It does increase the spatial and logical areas of your brain.

But not just any music – those low base sounds you hear from passing cars all the time dull the senses and aren’t so hot for your brain.

Try playing Mozart once in a while.  You can add it to your work or study environment, knowing that it’s better for your brain.

4. Is the heat and humidity limiting your great ideas?

I recently moved to a new state for family reasons and the heat and humidity caused my brain to really fog up.  For the first week, I could barely think.  I could not believe that everyone moved so slowly and had such little energy.

The place I’m staying in temporarily has a poor air conditioning system, and I finally decided to take action – knowing full well that if the temperature and humidity were controlled, I’d feel better AND my brain would function better.

While the neighborhood does not allow those separate window air conditioners, I purchased a Portable Air Conditioners Ahhh… the biology of success at work again.

Tip:  Keep the temperature around 72 or even a bit lower if you want your brain to function at its best.


5. Color Can Speed Up Your Reading Success


Is your desk so cluttered with the “to do” reading pile you’re ready to put it all in a box and forget it?

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with all that reading required for your job?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be caught up and even ahead on your reading?

Well, there are a couple of solutions.

One costs about $5,000 and takes a few hours of testing.  The other is virtually instant.  You choose.

A woman named Helen Irlen created centers to test and give people eye glasses with color in them and became a legend nearly overnight.

It turns out that color over print often reduces glare and takes the stress off reading.

As a reading specialist and learning expert, I can tell you first hand that color over print can work miracles to speed up reading and clear up the print for thousands of people.

I’ve used something called colored filter overlays for nearly 30 years with thousands of people and watched them speed up their reading, gain comprehension and quickly catch up on all their reading.

There are four basic colors that seem to work the best.

Blue, red, yellow and green.

All you need to do is place the overlay over the entire page (or both pages of a smaller book) and see how you feel.

I gave some overlays to some executives to try out and here’s what they had to say:

“Wow!  I caught up on all my reading in just a few days!  The yellow overlay worked perfectly for me.  I usually avoid too much reading at one time because my eyes get so tired, but the yellow overlay took that away immediately.  I’ve never seen anything work so fast!  Thank you and by the way, you just saved me almost $5,000.”  – a story of success.


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