Have you ever noticed that right after the new year begins, your child’s interest in school starts to, shall we say, slow down?

Teachers give lots of reasons like the low pre-vacation test scores that just came back, or students get discouraged and feel like they can’t do any better, or maybe just plain ole’ boredom.

But years of teaching have proven to me that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I always found new ways of motivating my students to cross the finish line at the end of the school year using quick and easy learning strategies that boosted their belief in themselves and their grades.

A lot of schools these days are struggling with poor test scores, low grades and kids who are really down on themselves.

But, showing the kids how to play the school game and win turns everything around.


Reading and Remembering What’s In A School Textbook Can Actually Be Fun!


For example, does your child know that simply drawing a circle, putting the heading of the chapter, and spokes with the subheadings, then creating humorous pictures of what the ideas remind them of, boost memory many times over?

Or if they are reading and the words don’t look like they should, doctors say colored overlays can improve reading levels by more than a year in less than a week?

If your child has the mid-year motivation blues, there are over 20 easy and proven learning strategies in e-books like Instant Learning For Amazing Grades.

It’s jam packed with 200 pages of easy, fun and long proven strategies to increase motivation, master spelling and math facts in half the time, learn new vocabulary as fast as you’d like, and what to do if your child learns differently than he’s tested or has learning challenges like ADHD or reading.

Check it out and transform your child quickly into one who’s motivated in school and knows how to learn anything fast.


Posted by +Pat Wyman, author and founder of HowToLearn.com