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5 Steps to turn your Picky Eater into a Foodie

Let me start by telling you the secret that there is no such thing as a “Picky Eater.” Surprised? I am sure you are scratching your head, probably thinking about the last meal you had with your kid and how he, again, refused to eat his vegetables, plucking...

Attention Deficit Disorder Deception

      Recently, the Charlotte Magazine published an article about the need to be careful before you quickly accept an ADHD diagnosis for your child. The article mentions our HowToLearn.com expert, Dr. Frank Barnhill and his book, Mistaken for ADHD....

How to Set Goals

As a financial advisor, I often tell my clients that the most important investment they can ever make is that of their energy and attention in their future goals, as I’ve seen first-hand what happens when people learn to consciously direct their thoughts toward...

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