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Recently, the Charlotte Magazine published an article about the need to be careful before you quickly accept an ADHD diagnosis for your child.

The article mentions our expert, Dr. Frank Barnhill and his book, Mistaken for ADHD.

Kyle, the young man in the story, was diagnosed as ADHD and  medication was suggested.

Further tests revealed that he was not ADHD at all, but gifted, and did not need the medication.

Here is a portion of that article and you can read more on the magazine website at the end of this section.

At the beginning of last school year, Kyle’s* second-grade teacher told his mother that he had ADHD. She said the eight-year-old Charlotte student had behavioral problems and she suggested he should be on medication. Kyle’s mom was unconvinced, but took him to their family doctor. After a battery of tests, it was determined that Kyle, now a third-grader, didn’t need medication and certainly did not have ADHD.

Actually, in light of Kyle’s higher-than-average IQ, his family doc called him “gifted” and attributed the acting out in class to his not being challenged enough in school. Now Kyle attends special classes at a school tailored for gifted kids.

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