Here are five simple tips on how to communicate for success.

1. Radiate warmth through mind messages.

Mind messages are using the power of thought to radiate an energy that draws people to you. There are three steps to the instant connection mindset. First, send yourself mind messages of warmth and confidence. Next, imagine yourself connecting with everyone and make that your mission. Third, tune in to the people around you by sending them mind messages of compliments. Even before you have said a word, people instantly sense your positive energy that makes them want to talk to you.

2. Reach out to someone standing alone.

Sometimes the concept of “working the room” is overwhelming. Remember all you have to do is connect with one person at a time. Find a person standing alone and approach them first. They feel grateful you reached out which boosts your confidence and makes it easy for you to connect with others.

3. Be charming by owning your nervousness.

Nervousness is nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of it—it means that you care. So go ahead and approach someone with, “Hi, my name is____. I’m a little nervous, but I had to meet you. I never miss your column. What do you like best about writing?” Your genuineness and courage creates an instant connection.

4. Talk intelligently on any subject.

Want to be brilliant on any subject in the world? All it takes is two words: BE CURIOUS.  When you are passionately curious about other people, you make them feel interesting, special and connected to you. We are all meant to learn from each other.

5. Exit with: Compliment—Feedback—Compliment.

When you feel it’s time to end the conversation, stay connected with, “It’s been so much talking with you. I’m going to go check out the band. Your smile has given me a lift!” Surrounding your exit statement with two compliments keeps your connection lasting.

successJill Spiegel ( ), author of the hit seminar and new book “How To Talk To Anyone About Anything! The Secrets to Connecting” is an award-winning speaker and entrepreneur featured on Oprah, Today in People and more.  For more tips about communication success, visit Jill Spiegel’s website.