Santa Rosa, CA., the world’s number one learning site, announced a complete site makeover to celebrate 15 years of serving the worldwide learning community.

Pat Wyman, the founder is well-known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, and created the site to help people learn how to learn for a lifetime.

She began the site by offering content and a free personal learning styles inventory, which thousands of schools and corporations now license.

“My years in education taught me how important it is to teach people how to learn and not just tell them what to learn,” said Wyman .”Once I provide the strategies on how to match learning and testing styles, everyone accelerates learning and memory.” offers a plethora of free learning tips articles, teleseminars, learning experts and a large resource guide containing the top educational products on which Wyman puts her stamp of personal approval.

“I love to visit the site as often as I can,” said Joel Manzer of “Pat has so much content, and I quickly learned how to learn and remember things faster after visiting her site,” said Manzer. “Plus I love her colored overlays to reduce visual stress.”

“It’s been such privilege helping kids and adults learn, that the years seemed to fly by,” said Wyman happily.

The site makeover celebration will go on for the next two weeks and visitors are offered free prizes and generous discounts on specific learning items as well.

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