Sometimes we have five minutes with nothing to do – you’re stuck in traffic, for example, or waiting at the doctor’s office. Why not make good use of that time and give our brain a little stretch? Here are 10 great mini-workouts you can do in just 5 minutes or less. Give them a try – you might even come up with a few others on your own!

  1. Play a game on your cell phone for five minutes (not sure if you have a game on your phone? Borrow a teenager, they’ll either find those games or can download them for you, they generally cost about .99 cents apiece to download from your phone service provider).
  2. Memorize 3 essential phone numbers that you don’t know by heart (really, by head, what does your heart have to do with it?).
  3. Go through five client or project files you haven’t used in a while and toss any papers you no longer need to hold onto.
  4. Learn a new song.
  5. Sit and just relax – for a whole five minutes!
  6. Call your sister, brother, or best friend for a five minute “catch up.”
  7. See how many different objects you can find in the clouds (don’t worry; you’ll remember how to do this once you get started!).
  8. Learn a recipe by heart.
  9. Doodle.
  10. Marvel at all the wonderful things your brain can do – take five minutes to list the miraculous achievements of your magnificent brain!


About Dr. Green:

Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert in memory fitness training, as well as an acclaimed author, respected lecturer, and sought-after spokesperson. She has appeared on MSBNC, as well as in the pages of Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and Parenting. Known for her engaging and personable presentation style, Dr. Green lectures extensively on memory fitness and related topics as president of Memory Arts, LLC. She has served on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Health System since 1990, where she is currently an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Green is the author of Brainpower Game Plan, Total Memory Workout, and coauthor of Through the Seasons. For more information, please visit