Information provided by Krishan Agarwal, CEO & Kyle Mitnick, Director of Online Marketing

Krishan Agarwal, CEO of, states, “We began a very aggressive social approach in Q4. At the time we had less than 1,000 Facebook fans and limited social visibility.  Facebook presented a great opportunity for us to generate buzz about our brand, test the receptivity of new a demographic, and most importantly, interact with thousands of our domestic and international customers.  It was just a matter of executing successful campaigns.”

Leading the social initiative is the Director of Online Marketing, Kyle Mitnick, who explains, “We ran 4 campaigns in unison over a 5 month period, increasing Facebook fans from less than 1,000 fans to now over 70,000.  The most dramatic increase was a 220% spike in the month of December, elevating our fan base from 11,716 to over 37,533.  During this time, daily active users increased a staggering 291%, boosting brand exposure, product awareness and customer interaction.  In addition to significantly increasing monthly unique traffic to our site, Facebook fans accounted for over $100,000 in sales for the month of December.  Needless to say, Facebook is becoming a staple in our marketing portfolio.”

When asked about the strategy behind the impressive increase, Mitnick said, “Our approach was to incorporate core components of our business model with viral elements that the typical Facebook user appreciates.  One of our most successful campaigns that caused the December sales increase, included an engaging Facebook app that, via an entertaining questionnaire, assigned one of our products to match your personality, resulting in a auto-post on the fan’s profile that read ‘Apparently, I’m an 18k Rolex Day-Date President because…’ followed with comedic commentary.  This campaign spread like wildfire, resulting in a significant amount of new fans that were curious which products best described them and why.  When using the app, the fan gets a solid understanding of the products we offer, the prices associated with them, and the purchase benefits.  It’s a win-win.”  He went on to say, “From the design of our landing page tabs to the links and comments posted, we make sure our execution is on point, and most importantly, tracked.  This helps us constantly optimize the user experience and get the largest return on invested capital from Facebook.”


Steps from Kyle Mitnick, Director of Online Marketing for, to create custom Facebook apps

  1. Decide an appropriate campaign for your target demographic
  2. Head to and create an account at
  3. Using Wildfire’s existing Facebook app templates, choose the template that best fits your campaign concept
  4. Follow the steps to complete your chosen campaign template
  5. Follow the instructions to connect the app to your Facebook page
  6. Activate your new Facebook app under ‘Apps’ in your ‘Edit Info’ Facebook section
  7. Activate your fans by posting a ‘call-to-action’ about your new app!

After this, all fans of your page will be able to participate in this fun app.  The use of an interesting app gives new incentive to become friends with your page!

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