This is a book of second chances…

…second chances for our children and second chances for teachers and parents to help every child succeed in our schools.  On these pages you will find a new model of learning and a fresh start for the millions of students who happen to learn very differently from how they are tested in school.

The children in our schools have an extraordinary capacity to learn in many different styles.  They have learning through their visual sense by seeing their auditory sense by hearing, or their physical sense using a hands-on approach.  Yet, when it comes to assessing that learning, most schools limit their testing format to just one of those styles.

The traditional, written tests that most schools give to measure student progress cater to students with strong visual learning traits.  Students who learn and think best in pictures form the associations needed to retrieve information quickly and accurately for their written tests.

These students have a natural learning strength, which matches the school’s highly visual learning and testing environment.  They easily make images from the words they hear and read, they are usually neat and organized, they take notes well, and their mental images rapidly trigger the words they need during a written test.  Students who prefer to learn in this style tend to have higher grades and test scores that reflect the match between their learning and testing style.

There are however, millions of students who prefer to learn in other styles, such as auditory or kinesthetic.  For these students…

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