When things around us seem crazy, we begin to realize—often by necessity—how important it is that our “inner world” feel peaceful and assured.

But how do you stay grounded and not allow yourself to get caught up in the chaos and uncertainty that seems to surround us these days?

Here are six strategies that help me enhance my sense of balance, feel more calm and stay in touch with what really matters:

  • Practice self care no matter what. We’re worthless if we’re not taking time to fill our cups before helping others. What do you need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to feel nourished?
  • Build stillness into your schedule, everyday. Even 5 minutes of quiet deep, slow breathing before you leave your car and head into work to begin your day can make a big difference.
  • Let nature heal you: for a huge percentage of us, nature relaxes and restores us more than anything else. Get outside in a natural setting everyday, even if it’s just out on your back porch or for 15-minute walk around the block after work.
  • Be aware of your thoughts: our moment to moment thinking creates our experience. What is your predominant thinking (everything is gong to be ok or life is hard?) and are you aware of how your perception of things is affecting your overall well-being?
  • Say “No” more often: most of us feel overscheduled, overworked and overextended, we’re simply doing too much! What can you say no to and where can you practice a “good is good enough” mentality and be easier on yourself?
  • Unplug from technology: living in a 24/7 world can make it hard to unplug, which can have a very negative effect on our physical and emotional health. Try having an “unplugged” weekend, free of TV, computers and phones, screening phone calls during dinner/family time, only checking email at designated times during the workday and only reading, visiting or listening to relaxing music in the evenings.

SELF-CARE CHALLENGE: Sit down with your partner or a close friend and check in—on a scale of one to ten (ten being “I’m out of control”) how are you feeling this month? Take 10 minutes to review the list above. What strategy immediately jumps out at each of you? What are 2 things you could do this month to support this point? How or when will you know that you’re feeling more grounded and peaceful?

I like to think that our “inner world” should be as big and fertile as our “outer world.” And, I’ve worked with thousands of clients whose relationships, work and family lives have been transformed when this begins to happen.

This is a new and radical concept for Americans to consider, given that everything we’re taught is geared towards responding to what’s going on externally. (If you’re in career transition, check out my latest Career Strategists newsletter where I offer tips for creating a career from the “inside out.”)

Be gentle with yourself this month. Make the decision that even though this might be one of the busiest times of the year for you, you’re committed to taking time to create more peace and well-being on the inside as outside of your life.

You can learn more about how to live inside-out at www.LiveInside-Out.com.

Trudeau is a nationally-recognized life balance coach/speaker, president of Austin-based Career Strategists and the author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life. She is passionate about enhancing the emotional/spiritual health of American families and is working on her third book on everyday spirituality. Sign up to receive monthly life balance tips, news on upcoming retreats and learn how to start/join a Personal Renewal Group women’s circle using the Guide at www.ReneeTrudeau.com.