No two people have exactly the same goals and desires, but we share a common wiring and physiological path to manifest a new destiny.

If you are willing to confront your excuses with an open mind, and take the action needed, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  While you may have initial doubts about the all-encompassing nature of that last statement, or if you think I just copied something from a greeting card, think again.  Greeting cards never end a sentence with a preposition.

While it’s true that obstacles and negativity surround us everyday, we are also bombarded by success, victories and miracles on a daily basis.  In fact, the world is filled with people – many of them less talented than you are – who have accomplished incredible things.

Consider that acorn, and its transformation into a mighty oak: incredible changes are happening all around us.  Some people think “oh, change takes time”, to which I politely reply, “B.S.!”  Preparing for change takes time; change happens in an instant.  The phone rings, the contract is signed, the show begins.  Change happens with every heartbeat, and we must believe in it if we want to see it in our lives.  My message here is not Pollyanna sunshine, I’m simply asking you to accept a fact of nature.  Change is here, for you, when you are ready for it.  What’s bad is always available, and so is what’s good.  Which do you choose?

The Law of Assumption: “The Power of Awareness” (Neville, 1952) outlines the Law of Assumption.  As our subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between what’s real, and what’s imagined (think of your last nightmare or other sort of “realistic” dream you may have had recently), we have the ability to program into ourselves a new vision of our lives.  In fact, by harnessing the power of our subconscious, we can create and manifest it into our lives.  Not by magic, or by channeling Sigmund Freud, but by simple phyics.  It’s the Science of Transformation.

Assume that what it is that you want is already here.  Create the feelings that match that belief – in other words, feeling as if what you desire in your life is already in it.  The people, the places, the opportunities, the challenges: They’re all here, right now – what does your life look like?  How do you feel inside?  Consider this feeling on a regular basis, especially before you go to sleep at night.  Imagine that what you need is already here.  Instead of re-thinking the day’s mistakes and frustrations, send yourself to sleep with an imprint of exceptional, satisfied feelings.  Feel as if your future was here, with you, today.

Here are some of the implications:

  • You will begin to act “as if” these feelings already exist
  • You will begin to act in a way that makes these feelings exist
  • You will tap into your imagination and your creative spirit in new ways, as you find paths to create your transformation
  • You will manifest what you want, and probably sleep better!

Take Action: In your vision of “future you”, make a decision to move towards that person that you see.  Imagine yourself stepping into his or her (no, make that YOUR) shoes, and see yourself becoming who you are.  It’s not really something mystical; you were the person you are now six months ago – yet, many things are different in your life, aren’t they?  Why can’t there be change – positive change – in your life, six months from now?

The answer has to do with our own internal fears and roadblocks.  Making a transformation is a leap of faith; it requires the triumph of hope over experience.  While statistics on unemployment and job dissatisfaction are debilitating, it’s up to you to defy statistics and find that fulfillment that is the centerpiece of your potential.  Reject the thoughts that bring you down, move towards the thoughts that make you feel energized.   Take some time to consider how you might fill out a chart like this.  On a moment by moment basis, consider doing the left side and rejecting the right!  Choose the thoughts and actions that help you most – they are the building blocks of your transformation.

Actions that Fill Me Up

Actions that Empy Me Out


Standing in line at the BMV

Reading to my kids

Reading unemployment statistics


Envisioning the future is one of the fundamentals of the Science of Transformation.  Moment by moment, you may be distracted by thousands of things – your email, your laundry, your kids.  While we all have responsibilities, we have to set aside time to be responsible to our careers.  Take action towards the things that can help you most.  The great book by Napoleon Hill was not called “Cut the Grass and Grow Rich” or “Text Your Friend and Grow Rich” – it’s called “Think and Grow Rich”.  So, let’s take some time to think – because the potential results sound very intriguing, don’t you agree?

Consider that which fills you up, as your internal compass on finding peace and fulfillment.  Are you thinking about it as you read this?  Good.  Now, if the voice inside your head just said: “How does ‘peace and fulfillment’ feed the bulldog?! I’ve got to pay the bills!”, then you should consider the following:

A career path that does not provide some degree of fulfillment is a short path indeed.  Money is not a goal in and of itself; money is a result of the solutions we provide.  There are many ways to make money; not all of them are acceptable, desirable, or safe.  Wealth and revenue is a result of your pursuit of that service to others which fulfills you.  If you will take a job – any job- for the sake of money, then I’m not sure that anything I could say about fulfillment would resonate with you.  But, if you are discriminating in what you will and won’t do – why don’t we take some time to find that thing that you will do because you WANT TO, not because you have to?  If you do what you love, and you do what you are meant to do, the money will follow.  Money is important, but not as important as what fulfills you.  What you earn is a result of the Science of Transformation, applied to your life.

Chris Westfall is the national champion for the “118” elevator pitch.  He is a professional development coach, specializing in personal effectiveness for individuals, colleges and corporations.  This article is an excerpt from his upcoming book, “The Two Minute Drill”.  Find out more at