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Childhood Obesity: We Have the Power to Make a Change

We’re all pretty tired of hearing about childhood obesity. Recent news stories all echo the same sentiments: The number of children classified as obese has doubled over the past two decades One in five children will become obese The number of U.S. children having...

How Books Can Change Your Life

Here is a what a former Ivy League College Dean has to say about how books can change your life. Asked recently to name my favorite three books I looked around my apartment with its several thousand books and said to myself—“Really—three books?!” I think I have read...

How To Keep Your Kids Drug-Free This Summer

According to reports from the Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base approximately 30% of teens are offered drugs in middle school and high school. Every day, 8,000 kids take their first drink of alcohol or use an illicit drug for the first time and starting them...

Taking Charge and Stopping Your Child’s Torment

It could not be more frustrating –  Bullying. It is heartbreaking, complicated and challenging. Only those that have been through it with a child really understand how demoralizing bullying can be and the incredibly negative long-term impact it can have on the...

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