Allow me to begin by saying that being a woman in business is no different than being a man in business, and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

As women, however, we oftentimes attempt to tackle everything single handedly, which, while it makes us feel like superwoman, will eventually take its toll on our emotional well-being.

As the saying goes, anything worth having is worth working for, and adding the title of CEO to a long line of commitments that include your family, friends and self, will undoubtedly test your ability to manage your time. While there is no exact science of how to best balance a busy schedule and ensure quality time for all, keep your priorities manageable and realistic, and remember that in order to succeed, you must be prepared to commit on every level.

When I started Pure Romance, I was so afraid that I couldn’t do everything. The truth is, I can’t, and neither can you. Transitioning non-core segments of your business, like accounting or web development, to people you trust will allow you more time to focus on your passion and the whole reason why you went in to business to begin with.

Holding on to everything with white knuckles is natural- your company is your baby- but you won’t be able to do justice to anything on your plate if you try to wear every hat in your company. Seeking advice is one of the toughest things you can do, but surrounding yourself with good people will help you take your business farther.

Since no one can truly learn how to open a business from just a few paragraphs, my parting words should remain constant, no matter what stage of business development you are currently in: keep your passion alive. Wake up every morning asking yourself what more you can learn and go to bed every evening knowing that you spent every moment living and breathing your mission. Your passion is why you are in business and ultimately, what will make you successful.

About Patty Brisben

businessPatty Brisben is the founder and CEO of Pure Romance, the nation’s fastest growing direct sales company specializing in intimacy and relationship enhancement products.  Since 1993, Pure Romance has grown to include more than 70,000 Consultants worldwide.

She is also the founder of the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health, an organization dedicated to supporting education and research initiatives that will help women improve their intimate lives. Patty also speaks, lectures and writes on a wide range of intimacy and relationship issues.