The facts are clear about weight loss! Over the past two decades the number of children classified as obese has doubled.

Parents should consider the following 20 weight loss rules for children to live by:

  1. Consume an adequate amount of food to provide all the required nutrients
  2. Drink plenty of pure water (Minimum 6-8 glasses per day)
  3. Target slow, steady weight loss: 1-2 pounds per week
  4. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to get enough fiber
  5. Exercise every day if possible
  6. Eat healthy snacks to curb hunger so that children are not too hungry at mealtime. This will help to prevent overeating
  7. Avoid extra fats and sugar as much as possible
  8. Eat at regular times each day.  Do not skip meals so that energy is maintained
  9. Eat slowly
  10. Do not eliminate your favorite foods
  11. Get tempting junk foods out of the house
  12. Ask family and friends to offer support
  13. Do not be afraid to make special requests when dining out
  14. Do not eat in response to emotions
  15. If you over eat one day, eat less the next
  16. Remember all foods can fit into a healthy diet
  17. If you must have a rich dessert, share it with a friend
  18. Do not use diet pills or try crazy fad diets! THEY DO NOT WORK!
  19. Keep up-to-date on nutrition news
  20. Try new food products. You might find one that you enjoy eating

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Tony Sparber is the founder/owner of New Image Camps: Camp Pocono Trails, PA and Camp Vanguard, FL.  New Image Camps are designed to provide the most comprehensive summer weight loss program for children and teens in the country.