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If you would like to become a guest blogger and have your ‘how to’ or educational tips piece reviewed and published on…please follow our guest blogger guidelines carefully: is a high traffic site with 3.4 million visitors per year who look at 14 million pages. We we want to help our readers by providing unique and entirely exclusive content you provide to them. We publish new articles daily. Using our guidelines we provide one link directly to your site in your bio and this is the one link out you may place in your article. has been online since 1996.

If you would like to have your “how to” or “tips” article reviewed and published on, then send us your article using the following guest blogging article guidelines.

(NOTE -Guidelines here are important, and if not followed, we are unable to publish your article.)

We do not include links to any sites which write or sell essays to students or sites which are not compatible with our parent, teacher, homeschooler and college student audience.

We also review all content and if the content is not of very high quality, it will not be published. Our goal is to provide readers exceptional content that they cannot find elsewhere online so please review your article carefully before submitting it.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines carefully.

Articles received with items missing or guidelines not adhered to will not be published.

Email your article this way: accepts high quality, EDUCATIONAL exclusive articles only – those which are not published elsewhere online.

1. Send one single email with 3-5 attachments  (5 is  best)  – one item is your .doc or docx file only (no rtf or other formats) with your 900 word plus article and bio included at the bottom.

Do not separate your bio from the article itself – we need it written at the bottom of your article. We do not accept logos, only personal jpg images of the author in the bio.

2. Separately from the doc file – AND attach two-four jpg files – one is a headshot of you, and the other jpgs can be jpgs that you own or have permission to use that is related to the concept of your article. You must provide the photo credit that we will place underneath the caption of the photo, so make sure you have the copyright to use this photo.

Please note that we are an educational site so your jpg headhot photo must be in good taste.

3. At the top of your doc file that contains the article write this: I certify that this article is not and will not be published elsewhere online. (this step is often overlooked and we use copyscape to verify that your article is not found elsewhere online. If you omit this step, your article will not be published).

4. At the bottom of your doc file article, write your first & last name along with your bio with the single url you want us to link out to.

You are allowed ONE LINK out to your site in your bio. Do not place other links in you article and do not place any html in your article.

5. MUTUAL LINKING; Since we are linking to your site, we ask that you place a link from your site to your content on our site. Sites that do not create reciprocal linking will not be featured on our site.

This may be done via a simple text link on your site.

IMPT:  We also ask that you include Pat Wyman, CEO of in your google circles when you subject an article.

6. Social Media – we encourage you to “like” our Facebook page at  and also to come to our site when your article publishes and use the social media buttons to send it out for more engagement.

Again, we publish exclusive content articles only in order to provide our readers with content they will not find on other sites.

Once we receive your article we reserve the right to review and edit if necessary.

All articles are placed in a queue, please do not send separate emails asking when your article will be published. If you have followed all of the guidelines listed here and your article offers quality content to our readers, we will publish it within one month.

Set a Google alert for your name ( and you will receive an alert when your article publishes. Please do not email us asking when it will be published since we get thousands of articles and cannot respond. If you don’t see your article published within 4 weeks, then email us at that time.HELPFUL HINTS FOR MORE SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE FOR YOUR ARTICLE

Once your article publishes  and you want more page views to your article, share the url it is on and the title in all social media. You will see a share icon at the top of your article which you can use to do this.

Email your certification of non-duplicated content, .doc article, bio at the bottom of the article, jpg headshot and jpg additional photo to patwyman (at)


We also accept book excerpts. Send your excerpt as directed above and include your jpg headshot and a jpg of your book as well.

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