When you manage study time properly, you will actually find that you have more time for the things you would rather do.

An organized approach to studying makes the learning happen faster and helps you remember what you need to know.

Begin With Your Least Favorite Class

It is tempting to manage study time by putting your least favorite class off until the very last minute.

When you skip the hardest work and finish the easiest work first, there is a good chance that you will never get back to finish the hard work. Put the worst study topics at the beginning so that you can look forward to the easier classes near the end.

You have to manage study time by recognizing that starting with the hardest class will improve your chances of finishing all of the work on time.

Set Aside Specific Time to Study

If you don’t schedule yourself to study during a specific time of the day, you will find it easier to get busy and skip studying altogether.

A big part of learning to manage study time properly is setting aside specific hours of the day for studying. Arrange to visit the library between classes.

When you study during the normal daytime hours, you will have your evenings and weekends free for other things. Manage study time by arranging it so that you complete all of your studies in the mornings and afternoons rather than putting them off until evenings and weekends.

Give Yourself a Break

When you manage study time, you also need to manage break times.

Don’t schedule yourself to hit the books straight through for more than an hour at a time. Your brain needs time to rest and absorb what you are studying.

Manage study time by inserting at least a half hour break every hour and a half that you study. Take that time to go for a walk, grab a bite to eat, or talk with your friends. When you get back to the books, you will find that it is easier to study than it would have been without the break.

Choose a Good Place for Studying

An important way to manage study time is to make sure that you reduce distractions.

Find a place to study where you will not be interrupted and there is not too much noise. A library is an excellent place to concentrate on your studies.

Avoid crowded, noisy places like the cafeteria or student union. It is tough to manage study time in your dorm room because you will be tempted to watch television or do something else that is more fun than studying. Put yourself in a location that will allow you to focus entirely on your work.

Study with Friends

Some people find that it is easier to manage study time when they arrange to study in a group.

Studying in a group can keep you on task because you are all working to finish your work together. You can support one another by helping to find the answers to difficult problems.

If you manage study time with a group of people who are in the same class you are in, you might find that someone remembers things that you didn’t remember from the class. Teamwork can make it more efficient to manage study time.

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