Pat WymanPat Wyman is founder of, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert and she will answer all your learning questions on her blog.

A university instructor, reading specialist, learning expert, best selling author and learning disabilities specialist, Pat Wyman has nearly 30 years experience helping children and adults achieve their educational goals.

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For example, does your child struggle to read and you don’t know why?  Pat Wyman has created a free Eye-Q Reading Inventory to help you understand how reading feels to your child and how they see the printed page.

Does your child have spelling problems? Pat Wyman has created a Spelling Made Easy program called Super Speller Strategy which teaches your child how to visualize the words in the same way that A+ students do.

Winner of the James Patterson Page Turner Award, Pat Wyman specializes in literacy and vision therapy, ensuring that all children read at or above grade level.

Her book, Instant Learning for Amazing Grades contains visual learning strategies to help kids get A’s in all subject areas. Pat Wyman has also created strategies to learn math facts in half the time.

Pat Wyman is the reason I graduated from University of Southern California with honors. When I was in the third grade, no one could figure out why I had trouble reading and in my other subjects, but Pat’s commitment, dedication and experience uncovered the real reasons for my challenges and she worked with me until they no longer existed. I can’t thank Pat Wyman enough for her caring and loving approach to changing not only my life but all children’s lives.”

Katie Langley from Redwood City, CA

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