Ask experts questions from our site and today, Karen, who has adult ADHD asks Dr. Frank Barnhill and Dr. Stephen Guffanti a question on ADHD focus strategies.


Dear Drs. Barnhill and Guffanti,

I am an adult learner in college who believes she has ADHD.

When I attempt to sit down to write a paper, I can not sit still and everything is so uncomfortable, because everything is buzzing with over stimulation-pins and needles.

I feel that I need some ADHD focus strategies.

Other times, I will procrastinate, reading other material or watch television, movies till it’s too late and I miss the due date for an assignment.

I’m a tech support person, I like to fix things and I enjoy teaching others how to use technical gadgets.

I love detective novels, to resolve issues that appear to have no solution(s). I’m a do-it yourself fix-it person.  I need help.

There must be ADHD focus strategies, such as exercise, jumping jacks, situps.

I do not run, and I do not have a swimming pool or I would do those things.  Can you help me with ADHD focus strategies?


From Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

The only cure for inattentiveness is following your passion. If Karen is doing that then she needs tools. Without following her passion the tools won’t be used.

A good way to do that is to get the book, The Purpose Of Passion and see more details at

The next step is to select the tools that will work for her.

The best way to select them is to take Pat Wyman’s Learning Style Inventory.

Send me the results by commenting on the blog at

If Karen is high visual I would select visual tools to keep her on track with ADHD focus strategies. If she is high auditory I would suggest auditory tools. She seems to be kinesthetic so I have several kinesthetic tools including exercises and additional ADHD focus strategies.

From Frank Barnhill, M.D.

I agree with Dr. Guffanti.

Karen, you need to know what type of learner you are.

Additionally, we need to know if you have been clearly diagnosed as ADHD or whether you just suffer easy distractibility without inattentiveness?

Once we know answers to both questions, we can further explore her traits.

Many ADHD teens and adults who are indeed ADHD can control attention and avoid distraction by placing white noise or music in the background.

As a physician who has ADHD, I do when I write my blog articles.  My wife always comes into the study and says something like…why do you have the TV or radio on?

You don’t even know what’s happening around you…do you? Noise sometimes helps me focus and decreases my need to move! I’ll be happy to quote the reference to use of white noise in ADHD therapy. Let’s find out more Karen so if you need them, we can provide ADHD focus strategies.

The rest of my answer really depends on whether she gives me the feedback I’ve requested.

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