Playing educational games is one of the best ways to improve learning skills in quick fashion.

This is because your mindset has changed from learning is hard to learning is fun when you play educational games.

Things to Watch for in Purchasing Educational Games:

educational games1. The educational games are teaching specific learning skills.

2. The educational games you choose should be able to be played in a variety of ways

3. You should be able to play the educational games at multiple levels so you will be able to play the game for several years.

All games don’t have to be fast games. You often learn more in a slower paced game because you it gives you time to think. Remember, when you play with language whether it is through word games, sentence building games that also teach grammar, or reading comprehension games learning skills improve.

Educational Games Improve Learning Skills

Think about what happens to you when you play. Your body relaxes doesn’t it? And you have fun. Being in a relaxed state is the key. Learning is easier when you are in a relaxed state. Again, one of the easiest ways I know to improve learning is through playing educational games.

Types of Educational Games

There are logic games, simulation games, computer educational games, board games, mind or brain games. There is no right or wrong in games. However, my choice of games is to play board games – games that you play around the table with your family or friends.

These types of games have the added benefit of providing great family time at the same time as building educational skills. Additionally, when you play a game at a table with others you have the opportunity to have all kinds of examples before your turn which will help you when your turn comes around. You have an opportunity to learn strategy from each other too. Having examples or ‘modeling’ helps to improve learning skills too.

How Do You Decide Which Educational Games Are the Best for Your Family?

1. Does the game teach or help your child with the specific skill they need practice with e.g. writing sentences, reading comprehension, math calculation practice?

2. Does the game have research that supports it?

3. Does the game have reviews from families that have played it so you know it’s worth a try?

4. Can the game be played at multiple levels so you can play it more than one year?

Educational Games Improve Learning Skills

One of my favorite educational games that improves learning skills is The Sentence Zone. It is a game with color-coded words that you play to build sentences, improve grammar, write poetry, or even prepare for the SAT test. It can be played from 1st grade through adult levels.

“There are so many ways you be creative with this game and learn while having fun. We keep thinking of more ways to play. Our family loves it.” Lori S

“I know we’ll be playing The Sentence Zone often, as one of my daughters, my word-wise child is great at picking words but hasn’t much of a clue about parts of speech. After her little sister and I had played only a few rounds, Little Sister was advising on what piles to search through for words. Dragon, that’s a noun, look in the dark blue pile. Call is a verb…” Jean H

Order your copy of The Sentence Zone game today.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll have more educational games worth adding to your family arsenal of learning tools.

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