College tuition costs are on the rise, and college students everywhere are looking for a few ways to save money.  The average college student will find that it’s hard enough just to stay on course with classes. Most of them may not even consider the possibility of cutting back until they are absolutely broke. This happens often, but it doesn’t have to. Budgeting may seem like a mission impossible, but there some things that can be done along the way that aren’t stressful or extremely time consuming.

These tips are all practical things that all college students can and should do.   It just takes a little effort.

Eat the Cafeteria Food

The fast food route is the shortcut that many students take on their road to going broke. Students that live on campus are already billed for the campus meal program. There’s no point in overlooking this and getting caught up with fast food throughout the course of the day. It’s okay to dine out here and there, but don’t make this an everyday thing. This will delete funds quicker than anything else.

Rack Up On Free Stuff

College students always have access to free things. They just have to look for it. There are tons of free T-Shirts, free music samples, free food parties, and a host of other things given away during student government elections. There are even sites on the internet that offer free samples for an array of things.

Patronize Stores That Offer College Students Discounts

Restaurants and bookstores are two places that are known to have discounts for individuals that can produce a student ID. This may not seem like much, but over time even the small discounts can yield substantial savings.

This will be incredibly important when it comes to budgeting. Some activities on campus are free, but lots of others are discounted. It’s also good to seek out the activities that will give students a discount. This saves money, but you don’t have to phase out all of the fun activities to do this.

Resist the Urge to Splurge

College is often called a microcosm of the real world. There may be some truth to this simply based on the fact that the adults in the real world go broke buying things the same way that college students do.  Students often take advantage of loans and credits cards available to them, but that is not always a good idea.

There are times when clothing is needed, but do not let the desires overshadow the need. It’s a bad idea to overspend on clothing or shoes. Spreadsheets should be made to track expenses that occur on a regular basis. This helps minimize any chances of overspending on things that no money has been allocated for. Students that are adapting to the college life should make sure that there is always enough money for the following:


*Cleaning clothes

*Emergency car repairs

*Unexpected expenses

Cut Down On the Festivities

Forget all that has been displayed in movies. A party animal couldn’t possibly survived in college the same way that they do in movies. There’s no way for anyone to party all the time and maintain a decent budget. Money dwindles quickly when entertainment is involved. A night out on the town with a couple of friends can be costly. Dining out, clubbing, and movies are all things that can become a budget killer.

Any parties that are attended have to be planned in advance. It’s also helpful to know how many games you want to attend for the year. A student can always obtain a part-time job if they want to do certain activities, but they have to have some idea of how much they need in advance.