There are many methods and practices to keep your office marketability at high levels and to help you increase your chances to get a raise.

In today’s competitive job market finding a job can be very difficult and getting a promotion can be even more challenging. Here are some traits and practices employers view as highly marketable.

Be There and On Time

Attendance rates play a huge part in employee evaluation. If you are always absent or out this is a bad habit to correct immediately. Also, extended lunch breaks and late mornings are habits which are discouraged. Being there and on time is the first goal towards making a great impression in the office.

A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way

Many find a negative attitude to be disruptive in the office workplace. A poor attitude is not suited for a place where teamwork is key. A positive attitude will work to your advantage in the office setting and many find that when displaying it others will follow suit.

Developing Relationships With Your Team

A team oriented outlook can work wonders around an office. Instead of a defensive attitude which comes from work avoidance, a team attitude will have everyone working towards a common goal.


If you are willing to go out of your way to assist others and make things happen then you are already being noticed by your superiors. The extra effort you put into work and helping your co-workers will prove that you are an asset to the corporation. When you take initiative make sure no one is taking advantage of your kindness, but also keep in mind your work is not going unnoticed.

Do Your Best

Take the upper hand among your co-workers by working with everything you can offer. Use all your resources to churn out the highest quality work you can do every single time. If your work is meeting or exceeding expectations you will find yourself employed and promoted before you know it.


You know what needs to be done first. Doing things in order of importance and multitasking to ensure everything gets done will get you noticed.

Get Involved

Participation in group efforts throughout your industry will keep you knowledgeable and get you noticed. Promote professional organizations, volunteer for work within your chosen profession at a non-profit for a few hours a week and stay involved. This can help you view your industry from multiple angles.

Continuing Education

Read about your work. Study at home. Update your skill set and keep adding to it. These are all ways to make sure you are up to date on your industry’s current practices. If you stop learning, you stop growing personally and with the company.

get a raiseDee Carter is a human resources and office marketing specialist who works at Recruitment Agency Sydney.