When choosing the best educational games for your family you want to choose wisely.

You want games that are fun but will improve your child’s skills at the same time. If your child has struggled or had and problems with reading comprehension or listening comprehension or math calculations, you want educational games that are specifically designed with them in mind.

Educational Games from Bonnie Terry, The Nation’s Learning Expert

educational gamesBonnie Terry Learning offers a variety of educational games and products to improve reading, writing, math and study skills for children 6 years and older.

The educational games were initially designed for the struggling learner but any learner will improve their skills with using them.

The goal is to enable you to be better equipped to develop strong reading, writing and math skills in your child with dyslexia, ADHD, Autism or other general learning difficulties. Even gifted children can struggle in some of these areas and Bonnie Terry aims at smoothing out those bumps in the road of learning.

These educational games help you “think outside the box” to address your child’s difficulties. You now address the difficulties from an angle, direction or perspective that you may not have considered before. This new “think outside the box” direction may be the difference between being a successful learner or a struggling learner.

Educational Games Worth Having

The Comprehension Zone is a reading and listening comprehension game that helps you to identify the main idea, find the details, or sequence what you read. It is a ‘simple game’ that can have a profound effect on your learning life. I’m indebted to this game for helping my child in a way that I had failed to help him on my own and take from it what you will.

My son now comprehends what he hears as well as what he reads.” Kimberly O “The versatility of The Comprehension Zone makes it easy to play the game with children at multiple reading/listening levels at the same time.

The game was interesting enough to the kids that they want to play it often.” Regina A  

The Math Zone, another simple game makes calculation practice fun. The Math Zone is a math calculation card game that can be played 1st grade and up. It has multiple levels of play. Children also learn how numbers grow and shrink according to whether you add them, subtract them, multiply them, or divide them.

“I played The Math Zone with my third grader, and she beat me a couple of times, because she kept drawing multiplication cards, and I kept getting subtraction! I also noticed that she checked her work more thoroughly than she does with her math lessons! This would be a great game for keeping up skills during summer vacation or whenever you take a break from regular math lessons.” Heather J

The Math Zone Game is a clever new way to drill arithmetic that goes beyond simply completing math problems or flipping flash cards.” Mary P

educational games Visit Bonnie Terry Learning for more educational games, guides, and books to make learning fun. Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is a Learning Disabilities Specialist. Ms. Terry helps parents identify, understand, & address the underlying causes of their child’s learning problems.

Bonnie has designed a variety of books, games, and guides to make learning reading, writing, spelling, English, and math easy even if you are Dyslexic, have a learning disability, or are ADHD. She also offers a coaching program, Awaken the Scholar Within, where she teaches you step-by-step how to help your child improve their skills yourself in just 20 minutes a day.

Give Bonnie a call at 530-888-7160 to find out more about helping your child improve their skills using educational games.