Getting accepted to Law School is no easy task and with the decision to attend, comes much preparation.  Below is a list of the most important factors for getting into law school with important tips to help you with each.

1. LSAT Scores

Admissions experts agree that the most important factor in Law School admissions is, by far, an applicant’s LSAT score—counting for as much as 70-75% of a school’s decision on a particular applicant.  The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), which measures reading comprehension, verbal and logical reasoning skills is scored from 120 to 180, with a median score of 151.1 Unlike other professional entrance exams, however, LSAT scores from tests taken over the last five years are sent with a student’s application, so consistent performance is important.2

  • Many students find it best to take the exam in the summer following their junior year
  • As the most important factor, preparation is vital.  Consider investing in classes or at least buying preparation books for the test.

2. GPA

A student’s grade point average serves a solid indicator of both intelligence and work ethic.  So, while LSAT scores are most important, admissions officers will not look favorably upon applicants with high LSAT scores and a low GPA—an indicator of a bright but lazy student.  GPAs also provide admissions counselors with a report about the applicant’s undergraduate institution and course load.

  • Students pursuing difficult majors at top tier schools with less-than-ideal GPAs shouldn’t be discouraged from applying to law school.  These factors are accounted for by admissions counselors overlooking your application.
  • Similarly, getting straight A’s in all easy classes or doing so at lower-ranked institutions doesn’t guarantee acceptance into law school either.

3. Work Experience

Though law school admissions are largely numbers based, there are other relevant factors—notably, work experience.  As a general rule, applicants who have at least some experience in the legal field are looked upon more favorably than applicants without any experience.  This is largely due to the difficult nature of legal studies and the greater understanding of the profession that comes from working in such positions.

  • Work experience can count for as much as 10% in an admissions counselor’s decision.1

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