One-on-One tutoring certainly can according to Beatrice Hair and her students.

Hair owns the Salisbury Tutoring Academy (STA), the One-on-One School in North Carolina.

She believes that a student who feels confident, is focused on goals, and is achieving success becomes virtually immune to the crass cruelty of bullies.

One of Hair’s students, Maddie Labovitz, recently shared her experience. “I did suffer from mean-girl hurtful comments.  They ribbed me about myself in areas where I already felt insecure. That was in the 8th grade. Now that I am in high school and feeling very focused on my goals, achieving straight A’s and feeling successful, those same comments do not bother me. I am focused on getting into a top college.  One-on-One tutoring has helped me keep it all in perspective and stay immune to the small things.

William Scott suffered greatly from bullies and unsupportive teachers. “I’ve suffered through many hardships in my brief sixteen years on this Earth.  Luckily in this dark time of my life, I found a glimmer of light. I had found hope at a tutoring academy with one-on-one tutoring. I’m happier now that I know I can pass difficult classes and excel in them if I just put in a little more effort into my work. I’m not really sure where I would be right now if I hadn’t gone to the Salisbury Tutoring Academy but I know for sure that it wouldn’t be a good place. The one-on-one tutoring has definitely helped me.”

How did this happen? William had been struggling in school. Thanks to the Hair Three-Legged-Table (H3LT™) program, he was totally transformed. Instead of failing math, William attained the highest average in his class.

His newfound confidence shielded him from his cruel peers and unsupportive teachers.  He accomplished the goals set for him in the one-on-one tutoring program: better study skills, an improved math skill set, and well-organized notes.

Students need a variety of tools to help them reach their potential and learn to navigate the tricky waters of school and peer pressure. One of those tools is customized, individualized one-on-one tutoring.

The other is the H3LT™. Students who need a customized, individualized education program should be aware that solutions have been created.

The Hair Three-Legged-Table™ is the foundation of the one-on-one tutoring programs.   It is a behavior modification tool which requires that parents, teacher, and student must work as a team to facilitate success.

They each comprise one leg of the table. At the Salisbury Tutoring Academy, the first step is to build this three-legged table. As the cornerstone of all one-on-one tutoring programs, it is equally effective for students of all ages and ability levels.

Unfortunately, many students who suffer from bullying do not receive the customized, individualized education and attention they need. Teachers, school administrators, and the public should be made aware of this.

One-on-one tutoring sets the stage for carefully designed transformations to occur. As a classroom teacher, Beatrice Hair saw “light-bulbs” occur randomly when students would “get it”.

Such light-bulbs need not be random. In the one-on-one tutoring program, light-bulbs are crafted and sought after. Orchestrated light-bulbs are essential for students to build confidence. In the program, these light-bulbs are called “transformations.”

A basic premise at STA is that there are no quick fixes for students who struggle.  However, most major problems encountered by parents, teachers, and students can be solved with the H3LT™. This is the platform for transformations, or orchestrated light-bulbs, to occur.

One-on-one tutoring enables them to happen frequently and powerfully.

Though the time required for success varies with individual students, a minimum of four months of behavior modification is usually needed for a transformation to occur. Most students enroll for at least one year at the STA.

Hair’s Academy offers long-range educational tutoring programs designed to help students gain acceptance to their colleges of choice, often with scholarships. They are helped to increase SAT scores, deal with Attention Deficit Disorder issues, boost grades, cope with learning disabilities, and increase reading competency. A previously unchallenged student can be inspired and come to life.

Heather came to the STA in the 2nd grade. She was unable to read and was failing all her courses.

She said, “I am the lowest and slowest student in my class.” After one year in the one-on-one program, she rose a full grade level. She then remained in one-on-one tutoring for another nine years. She was successfully groomed for a $54,000 scholarship at her first choice–the only university in North Carolina that allows its graduates to rehabilitate animals.

Heather learned to compensate for ADHD.   She now describes how the STA sustained her for 10 years:   “I started out working on phonics and ended with physics, and we covered everything in between.”

Heather benefited greatly from the STA’s re-evaluation system, one-on-one tutoring, and the H3LT. She avoided bullies and stayed focused on working, thanks to the STA’s one-on-one tutoring school’s success plan.

The one-on-one tutoring programs designed by the Salisbury Tutoring Academy help top students become competitive for scholarships; moderate-level students become high achievers, and low-achieving students become high-functioning students. The STA guarantees all students one-on-one attention.

Beatrice Hair designed the programs for her academy. Hair’s staff uses her tools, including the H3LT, to implement each student’s one-on-one tutoring design. Thousands of students have experienced success with the structure and philosophy of this model. Hair has franchised the STA. She is looking for interested franchisees, and is committed to their success.

one-on-one tutoringAbout Beatrice Hair:

Beatrice Hair is the founder and owner of the Salisbury Tutoring Academy, the One-on-One School, which is a franchised tutoring academy for ages four-to-adult. She was awarded the title of U.S. Small Business Administration 2010 North Carolina Small Business Person of the Year.

Hair is also the author of H3LT tm: The Hair Three-Legged-Table Solution for Education

She received the Congressional Recognition Award from Congressman Howard Coble for her work in April of 2010. In May of 2010, she was personally congratulated by the U.S. President Barrack Obama at the White House in Washington, D.C. Beatrice Hair is an expert in one-on-one tutoring.