There has been a lot of discussion in craft forums about using personalizing glass or ceramic mugs when you find out how to use a sandblaster for etching.

I also get people from all walks of life asking me on my sandblaster site how to etch glass mugs.

how to use a sandblaster for etching There are a few different ways that you can etch designs into the glass, but the best way is to use a sand blaster. This is basically equipment that uses compressed air to blast abrasive material out of a nozzle.

The high pressure abrasive then abrades away the surface of a glass.

You can use either glass or ceramic mugs but for this example we will show you how to use a sandblaster for etching a ceramic mug.

The first thing you need to do create a stencil for the mug. For this we need to glue a vinyl or plastic sheet onto on side of the mug.

how to use a sandblaster for etchingYou will find all type of stencil materials at the craft store with a adhesive already in place. With the stencil sheet material in place on the mug, you will need to sketch out a design with a marker. Then cut this design out with a sharp knife and remove those areas which will be sandblasted.

To complete this step, I recommend that you tape around the outside of the stencil with masking tape to prevent unwanted areas from being etched. Once the stencil is prepared and in place, you can get to the fun part. To start etching, take the sandblaster nozzle and blast over the stencil until the areas are evenly etched.

how to use a sandblaster for etching For ceramic mugs, you will notice the outer glazing will come off and there will be a nice white color highlighting the design.

Now that the stencil and been sandblasted and engraved, all you need to do is clean up. Remove the stencil and wash off the abrasive with water. I suggest using a sharp knife to help you pick at smaller stencil parts. It makes it a lot easier.

Once complete, you can give it as a gift.

how to use a sandblaster for etching

Hope you enjoy and now see how to use a sandblaster for etching.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read more about this process known as sandcarving at the website below.

Eric R W Eric R. W. is big into learning different types of “Do It Yourself” crafts and runs a sandblaster information website which talks about additional sandblasting processes as well as how to use a sandblaster for etching.