I am amazed to be reminded of how dumb people who cheat on term papers really are.

I am not always up to date on my reading and so recently stumbled upon an article that had been written first for the Chronicle of Higher Education and was later reprinted in the Reader’s Digest.

It was horrifying.

It was written by a writer whose livelihood came from working for a firm that wrote papers including theses for college and graduate students. Talk about a sad way to cheat on term papers

The students paid thousands of dollars while themselves learning nothing about writing or research or much of anything else.

They paid theses thousands of dollars to literally cheat on their term papers to get the degree. This is on top of what they are paying in tuition.cheat on term papers

The writer revealed extraordinarily poor writing and grammatical skills on the part of the clients who emailed him with directions for writing their work for them.  Imagine who this kind of person is who will cheat on term papers, and the kind or person who actually accepts money for doing it.

So while the writer went to the trouble of doing the research and learning about a great many fields of study and then writing coherent and even worthy papers for the client the student who used this way to cheat on term papers learned nothing.

So here is how dumb a person who will cheat on term papers is.

1. No learning actually occurs when you cheat on term papers

The client did not learn nor have an inkling about the subject. Zero, zip, nada!

The point of going to school folks, is to get not a degree but an education. The degree is supposed to represent the work you have done, the skills gained and the knowledge acquired.

2. You literally cheat on term papers

Another way cheating is dumb is that by having someone else do the work you are the one who will be cheated.

3. If you cheat on  term papers you live in fear will be discovered

At some point most of us feel the fear of “being found out”.

In low moments we may feel that we are not as good as others or as we could be and that someone will find out and then we will be outed as the failures we think we are.

For most of us this is just silly and irrational. But if you cheat on term papers and through the rest of school, it is a real fear and one with real consequences.

4. Teachers look for students who cheat on term papers with plagiarism tools

A fourth reason to not do it is that increasingly using online tools like “Turnitin” teachers can find students who cheat by plagiarizing or lifting other people’s work. You can be caught which also makes cheating pretty dumb.

You do not want to get caught cheating while at school or become the student who will cheat on term papers.

If you read your school’s catalog and rules you will find the consequences can be dire ranging from failure to expulsion and a flag on your record.

A flag on your record can hurt if you seek a job of any kind, you want to be a lawyer or ever be employed in a federal position or anywhere where integrity is key.

If you are expelled from one school it can be hard to get into another. No one wants a person who discovered a way to cheat on term papers.

If you get off with just an F –the equivalent of a slap on the wrist—you may lose financial aid or scholarships with the drop in your GPA.

Of course a lower GPA does not help you become employed or eligible for grad school. That makes a person who will cheat on term papers is pretty dumb to me.

On the other hand if you do not get caught and you do land a job with that degree you did not earn, then you can really get found out.

This is where people who cheat on term papers are really dumb.

5. Employers will discover you are a cheat

The employer who thought he was getting and paying for a college graduate who had some brains as manifested by the degree and maybe the GPA, will be astonished to find they have hired an illiterate ninny who cannot do research or craft a decent sentence. So much for that job!

So you pay for this education that you choose to not take advantage of by doing your own work, where you became a cheat on term papers, and you just spent a fortune on, means you have nothing in your brain to show for it.

6. If you cheat on term papers can you pay back your student loans?

So  now that you are a cheat on term papers, and somehow you managed to get a job but got found out, how will you ever pay for the loans you took out to not get that education.

For someone who is supposed to be educated you are pretty dumb!

Marcia Cantarella Marcia Y. Cantarella, Ph.D., Author of I Can Finish College: The Overcome Any Obstacle and Get Your Degree Guide   http://www.icanfinishcollege.com

Dr. Cantarella was a former Academic Dean at Princeton University and has a lot to say to those who even think about a way to cheat on term papers.