I am ADHD and kinesthetic learner with dyslexia in the mix.

I walk into the emergency room and my eyes bounce all over Over here is a bleeding patient with the nurse taking blood pressure. Over there is the IV. Over there is the cop that’s trying to stop the gang kid from finishing off the patient.

The same bouncy vision that makes reading so hard has just taken in the whole of the room.

As I walk toward the IV I turn to the secretary and ask her to call security. The cop and the gang kid need to be moving out of my ER. The IV and the patient have to get together, and they’re not.

I’m dyslexic with ADHD and kinesthetic learner.

I am also a medical doctor with many years experience in emergency medicine. In an emergency room situation, my dyslexia works perfectly for me.

I happen to have the kind of vision that pieces the whole together by randomly looking at the parts. And I love to move, I move  quickly and a lot, and moving allows me to process information.

adhd and kinesthetic learner So have I changed? No. The world that I function in has changed.

No longer do people insist that I sit still; and obviously, sitting still would be detrimental to my patients’ survival. In fact, I noticed, once I got out into the real world, no one wanted to pay me to sleep while sitting in a chair.

That was the major skill I learned in eight years of grammar school!

There is a lot of confusion about ADD and ADHD and the learning disorders that are associated with them. Parents are torn between, on the one hand, not treating the situation and possibly creating a bigger problem; and on the other hand, drugging their child into compliance.

It is my hope that those who read this book will develop understanding and a new hope for their family’s future. If you can see from a new perspective the struggles that your children and your loved ones have, then you gain a peace of mind about the final outcome.

Introduction to ADHD and Kinesthetic Learner

Also, if you are the parent of a kinesthetic learner, chances are very good that your spouse is a kinesthetic learner. You may notice that your spouse is hard working and is always doing two or three different projects at the same time.

That kind of energy is called Attention Deficit Disorder in school because he doesn’t focus on just one thing. But as those projects are completed, you notice your spouse gets a lot done!

Different learning styles have different strengths and weaknesses. One of the most precious gifts parents can give their children is to teach them how they learn.

Moreover, you will hear conflicting ideas about your child and his or her treatment. I want you to know how to know what is true, what are your options and how to make the best choices for your family.

The Situation Today for ADHD and Kinesthetic Learner

Twenty years ago I was taking a family practice education course from UCLA. The doctor started his discussion on hyperactivity by stating that it was a Monday through Friday disease that took summers off!

This statement couldn’t possibly be true – no physical defect could come and go based on the day of the week.

The cause had to be outside of the body, i.e. the school that was in session Monday through Friday and took summers off. I left that session in the middle of the doctor’s speech, disheartened that a well respected institution, UCLA, had doctors who were willing to abandon a 2,500year tradition of applying science to medicine, in exchange for what has become political correctness.

How did we get here?

Part of the answer is to follow the money. Insurance companies pay claims based on the diagnosis. A kinesthetic learner is a normal child who learns through movement. This diagnosis would pay nothing. ADHD is a medical condition that would pay generously.

At about the same time as my UCLA experience, I was talking to a high school principal about a student who was an allstate CIF running back. The principal stated that the child was dumb! Here was a young man who had memorized some 80 plays and executed them to such perfection as to be named “allstate” yet the principal thought he was dumb!


Well, look at his grades! He was barely qualified to play sports.

As this book continues we will talk more about ADHD and kinesthetic learner and how to make their lives work for them.

stephen guffanti Stephen Guffanti, M.D. is the author of Does Your Child Really Have ADHD, The Passion Test and the creator of Rocket Phonics.  He is HowToLearn.com’s Official Expert on ADHD and kinesthetic learner.