Linda Hodgdon will interview best selling author and HowToLearn Official Autism Expert, Eric Chessen, in a complimentary webinar called Autism Fitness In Your Classroom.

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Find out from Eric how easy it is to fit autism fitness in your classroom

The past year has seen countless articles and research published about the “Youth Obesity Epidemic” along with the increasing rates of Type II Diabetes and other lifestyle-related illnesses in young populations.

Bringing effective PE programs into inclusion schools and classrooms is often a budget concern, but something too  important to skip.

autism fitness in your classroom Fitness for the Autism and Special Needs populations has never been more needed than right now, which is why Autism Fitness Founder Eric Chessen, M.S., has put together this exciting webinar; “Autism Fitness in Your Classroom.”

Step by step, Eric will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Assess the fitness needs of your students
  • Create individualized goals AND help your students achieve and surpass them
  • Design FUN, EFFECTIVE fitness programs in the gym or classroom
  • Know which 2 types of setups are the BEST for groups
  • Pick from a variety of exercises to create endless combinations of activities
  • Make exercise enjoyable and reinforcing for the most resistant students

Join us for a wonderful discussion that will help you get your classroom off to a good start this fall.

Title: Autism Fitness in Your Classroom

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Time:12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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Pat Wyman Pat Wyman is a best selling author, Founder of and university Instructor at California State University East Bay. She is also the editor and co-author in two books on autism, and maintains a passion for providing tips and interviewing experts who tell teachers how to bring autism fitness in your classroom.


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