Bonnie Terry America’s Leading Learning Expert shares some of her favorite back to school tips on FOX News Morning Show.

Listen here for 3 of Bonnie Terry’s back to school tips:

  1. Backpack Organization
  2. Time Management
  3. Secret Tools to Help with Homework: the dreaded word problems and writing assignments

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Back to School Tips Number 1:    Let your child know how excited you are about their new school year and how you know they will have a good experience with their new teacher.

If last year was rough, let them know that you remember how rough it was, but that this is a new year and you want to help them to have a really great experience this year.  Ask for their suggestions for what they think you might do to help them have a great year.

back to school tips Back to School Tips Number 2:    Take a trip together to get school supplies – notebooks, book covers, pens, pencils, backpack, assignment book, etc. Think ahead of time about the different subjects your child has so you get different colored notebooks, book covers, and folders – one color per subject so that all of their math books & folders are one color, English books another etc.

This will help your child keep track of their work and make finding the correct folder easier.

Back to School Tips Number 3:    Help your child organize their backpack – and you may want to check it the first few weeks to help them keep it organized.

Back to School Tips Number 4:    You may also want to help them organize their desk (after school) if they have trouble with it on their own.

Back to School Tips 5:    Choose a room or place at home for them to do their homework. Have the supplies they need kept there. That will make homework time easier. Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills includes planning calendars and school supply lists for different grade levels.

bonnie terry Bonnie Terrie is America’s Leading Learning Expert, founder of BonnieTerryLearning and’s Official Expert on Learning and Reading, who also specializes in back to school tips.

She recently appeared on Fox News Morning Show sharing her best back to school tips.



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