HowToLearn evaluated the top 101 websites and presents their annual list of the Best Back To School Websites 2011.

best back to school websitesDo you spend hours scouring the web for the best resources as your child goes back to school?

Are you looking for the best back to school websites that can help you with:

  • Learning styles
  • spelling
  • algebra
  • reading and phonics
  • how to prevent bullying
  • how to finish college
  • parenting tips
  • organizational help
  • best school supplies
  • study skills
  • homeschool resources
  • faster learning tips
  • ADHD
  • autism
  • bulling

and much more…?

As back to school time begins, parents and teachers are always searching for unique websites, the very  best back to school websites, that will enhance learning and provide better ways to begin and end the school year successfully.

But it is not always that easy because everyone claims to be the best.  The truth is – they are not. However, when learning experts and authors step in to evaluate sites personally, you will find a higher quality list of websites to help you meet all your back to school goals. has an expert team of reviewers who do the legwork to save you time and provide the highest quality resources available when you need the best back to school websites all in one place.

For example, what if you want to prevent your child from being bullied?  You can look all over for resources and there are a lot of them. But wouldn’t you want the bullying expert who regularly appears on CNN to help you make good decisions about how to help your child.  Dr. Kathy Seifert is listed on the best back to school websites to help you.

How about parenting tips – look to Dr. Tim Elmore of GrowingLeaders who gives workshops worldwide for the most up to date tips you’ll need.

Want to know what to do if your child’s teacher says to have your child evaluated for ADHD?  You can find out from two experts, Dr. Frank Barnhill of MistakenForADHD and Dr. Steven Guffanti of ADHDorActiveChild whether your child has ADHD or if their diagnosis is possibly as mistake.

Given the sheer numbers of kids being diagnosed with ADHD you will want to ask these two experts for help and their sites are on the best back to school websites guide.

Does your child need help with dyslexia or learning challenges?  Ask Bonnie Terry of BonnieTerryLearning to help.  What about phonics?  Alan Scalone of ClickNKids is right there on the list. Dr. Marcia Cantarella founder of ICanFinishCollege and former dean of students at Princeton University, will show you how to help your child finish college, and both Eric Chessen and Joel Manzer will help you if your child has autism.

If you want the best help for study skills visit Susan Kruger at and for speed reading, Abby Marks Beale of RevItUpReading who are both listed on the best back to school websites 2011 guide.

Does your child need learning styles help? has a free learning styles quiz and you can share the results with your child’s teacher to help in the classroom.

More learning help comes from Bobbi DePorter at QuantumLearning and the list of help goes on in the best back to school websites guide.

This year, we thank Dr. Henry Borenson, founder of Hands-On Equations for his generosity in helping us publish this very helpful best back to school websites guide.

If you have suggestions for next year’s Best Back To School Websites submit them near the top of the page.

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best back to school websitesPat Wyman author Pat Wyman is a best selling author and founder of  She publishes the “best of” guides to help parents, teachers, students and adult   learners year round.

Today’s guide is the 2011 list of the Best Back To School Websites.



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