4. Group games make some of the best memory tips too.

Gather your friends together and have one of them go into the other room and change into other clothes.

Then, have them enter the room for about 30 seconds and leave quickly.

Each person in the group needs to recall everything possible about that person –height, weight, items of clothing, hair color, shoes, etc.

Write everything down and declare a winner.  Do this kind of exercise every few weeks until each person has won so that everyone in the group benefits from strengthening their memory.

5. Take A Memory Improvement Course

There are all sorts of courses online to improve your memory and come in CD’s if you are an auditory learner, videos if you are more visual learner, and more physical games if you are kinesthetic or tactile learner.

Search out the ones that are best for your learning style and these provide the best memory tips for you.

Games that time you on puzzles and matching games are very self-motivating to improve your score and these give you some of the best memory tips available.

6. Make mental images of things you want to remember.

The ancient Romans used to have a game called Roamin Room.  They held memory contests and would place objects they wanted to recall all around the room in their mind.

Then they would look up and easily remember those items because they were “attached” to the objects in the room. They could visualize them in their minds for the best memory tips.

You can do the same thing with your car keys, grocery items and other things you want to remember as those pictures will serve as your best memory tips.

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