Do you want your child to eliminate the taking jitters when taking a test?

If so, here’s a simple plan to eliminate those jitters forever.

This is an excerpt from the best selling book Instant Learning for Amazing Grades by Pat Wyman.

This is a 3 step formula that will make sure your child is prepared, organized and can demonstrate what he or she knows.

Almost always, kids develop the the “jitters” because of fear of the unknown, lack of preparedness or because they’ve associated negative feelings to failures on previous tests.  These past “failures” cause them to sink into an “unresourceful” kinesthetic feeling state that will not serve them when taking tests.  (Remember, they need to be in the visual learning style).

The best way to wipe out those jitters is to make friends with the fact that they exist and then swoop in, and help them make a quick attitude change because they’re prepared and well-organized!


I know that before I give a seminar I get nervous.  A lot of actors will tell you the same thing before going on the stage.    My palms even sweat.  But as soon as I start talking to people, I move my body in a different way, hold my head higher, breathe deeper and I am completely confident that what I have to say will help change their lives.  When your child takes a test, here are a few simple tips that will get them through their next test with flying colors.

Best Ways To Eliminate Test Taking Jitters in Three Easy Steps



  1. Preparing
  2. Organizing
  3. Showing What You Know

Preparation = Attitude

best ways to eliminate test taking jitters Attitude is everything – both in life and when taking tests.  Think about your ability to control how you feel in any given situation.  Unless your child learns how to control his or her emotions, they will take control and lead them down an uncertain path.

The trick when preparing to take a test is simply to change images, sounds and feelings into something else that doesn’t produce fearful thoughts or “jitters”.

I like the idea of getting ready to go on a trip.  Have your child prepare for a test as if he or she is going on the trip of a lifetime and make a list of what they need from their textbook and class notes.  They will be looking for facts, formulas, dates, political structures, names, reasons for a particular state of affairs, etc.

The idea here is to win the testing game by learning to match their travel list with the teacher’s or test makers list for the same trip.

The formula looks like this:  Matching Travel List = Great Grades

Getting Into The Right State for Taking A Test

Have your child imagine a time when they were totally successful on a previous test.  How did their body look, how did they feel, and what sounds did they hear in their head.  Now have them sit as if they are totally successful and duplicate everything they can recall about their previous success.

1.  How to Prepare

Start with the end in mind – when is the test date?  Anticipate as far in advance as possible – get a calendar, write in it when to study and when the test is occurring.  Get one of those very large calendars for the wall.

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Pat Wyman Pat Wyman is the author of several best selling books including Learning vs. Testing, What’s Food Got To Do With It-101 Natural Remedies for Learning Disabilities, and Instant Learning for Amazing Grades. She coaches students with her program called How To Win The School Game.

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