This is part 2 of the Best Ways To Eliminate Test Taking Jitters from author Pat Wyman.

1, Get all the materials needed.

Use study groups if your child likes them, Mozart Music Study Tapes and Picture Perfect Summaries of material they are learning.

2.  Layer the learning

The brain loves to sort out patterns.  Go from the generalized to the specific.  Browse through the text first, checking out the subheadings, graphs, pictures, etc.  Use the SQ 3R enhanced study strategy described in Chapter 12.  Review the material two or three times, being sure to look at the Summaries in visual memory position.

3.  Know your test maker.  What is important to my teacher, to the SAT makers?

Ask questions – what will be on the test?  What won’t be on the test?  Will chapter 4 be on the test?  Will there be essays, short answers, etc.  The more details the better.

Appeal to who your tentmaker is.

  1. Use the visual learning style along with your own.
  2. Find out whether you like to see what the same is or if you learn by mis-matching.
  3. Prepare
  4. Ask questions
  5. Gather all the info you need from books, cod, internet, etc.
  6. Evaluate all the info

best tips to eliminate test taking jitters Organizing

1.  Organize your study environment the way you like it to be.  Check lighting, full spectrum, music with no words, colored pens for Picture Perfect Summaries, notes, text books

2.  Chunk down the learning.  Do small bits at a time.  Overview the materials.

3.  Evaluation – make decisions about what I learned.  Do I have it all?  Have I matched the teachers’ travel list?

4.  Shove all notes aside and recreate a Picture Perfect Summary for each chapter.  This will demonstrate that you know the material.

5.  Check the testing environment and actually see if you can study in that environment.  This raises your comfort level and reduces anxiety during the test.  Plus, you can actually make visual images of what you need to know linked to various objects around that room.

Showing What You Know includes best ways to eliminate test taking jitters

When you get the test, preview the whole test before you do anything.  Choose your seating location if you can.  A window is good.

1.  Sit as if you are totally successfully.  Never hunch over because you go into a kinesthetic, un-resourceful state.

2.  Look at the test and find out where the easy questions are.  Where are the harder ones?

3.  Begin by answering in this sequence.  1.  Easy ones.  2.  Most point value.  3.  Rest, essay, most difficult.  Remember to look up and see your Picture Perfect Summary.

If you think the test is too hard, reword it in so you can understand it.   Draw it out in stick figures if you can.  Always, always, look up, lift your chin high in the air when you’re trying to recall something you’ve studied.  You’ll access the more visual parts of your brain this way.

4.  Allot time this way– 10% to preview, 80% to answering questions.  10% to review and be sure to wear a watch.  Find out if wrong answers count against you.

5. Eat protein before the test. Protein stabalizes your blood sugar and makes your brain more alert.  Protein includes foods like eggs and nuts. Nix all sugar and carbohydrates before a test. When you eat protein your blood sugar remains stable for up to four hours and won’t allow for the up and down feelings you get when you eat toast, sugary drinks and other carbohydrates.

6. Remember, using the visual strategies in Instant Learning for Amazing Grades which will give you information you can quickly access and count on to be in your visual memory.  Use all of them.

Visual strategies are those which allow you to create images in your mind and brain research shows that images are faster and easier to recall during tests and are hands down among the best ways to eliminate test taking jitters.


pat wyman Pat Wyman is the best selling author of several books including Learning vs. Testing, Instant Learning for Amazing Grades and What’s Food Got To Do With It – 101 Natural Remedies for Learning Disabilities.

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