Kathy Seifert PhD is America’s foremost expert on bullying in America and HowToLearn.com’s Official Expert on bullying.

Recently, she appeared on Ebru T.V. in two segments exploring Bullying in America.

The bullying in America segments begin with the horrific statistics.

  • Every day 160,000 students miss school due to bullying.
  • 282,000 middle school students are assaulted every year
  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied
  • 85% of the time there is no intervention

Dr. Seifert addresses each and every one of these problems and offers solutions in both part 1 and and part 2 on Bullying in America.

Family intervention is much more important than ever, and it is important, before you child starts school, to know what bullies are and how to deal with their actions.

bullying in america

Bullying In America – Part I

Bullying in America – Part II

Kathy Seifert Dr. Kathy Seifert is a youth and family violence expert and one of the world’s leading authorities at predicting which people are most likely to commit a future act of violence. Visit Dr. Seifert’s website for more information – http://www.drkathyseifert.com

Her expert page on HowToLearn.com contains more information and please ask your questions about bullying to Dr. Seifert in the comment section below.  She will answer your questions on the HowToLearn.com/blog

Dr. Seifert is considered to be the foremost expert on Bullying in America.


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